Cleaning Algae & Moss off Your Roof

 roofcleaning multi imageAlgae growth on roofs is wide spread problem across the nation because algae traps water and accelerates wear and tear. It is important to maintain your roof by having it cleaned by a low pressure wash roof cleaning professional such as ROOF REAL CLEAN

If your roof is shaded, moss and algae can build up on your shingles, which not only looks unsightly, over time it can cause damage to your roof. Large trees that produce lots of shade on a roof can foster the growth of moss and algae.  Morning dew and rainfall that doesn’t get a chance to evaporate due to minimal sun exposure is the perfect breeding ground for moss and algae. Thick moss and algae growth that has gained a foothold has a shallow root system and keeps your roof damp for extended periods of time. Moisture promotes rot and can erode the asphalt in shingles, which shortens the life span of your roof.

Algae and moss can be removed safely by a qualified roof cleaner. ROOF REAL CLEAN offers a safe alternative to traditional high pressure washing services. They use only eco-friendly bio-degradable roof cleaning products that won’t break down the natural components of your shingles or damage neighboring vegetation around your home.

Moss and algae will typically grow at the top of the vertical slots between shingles. These areas are the last place water evaporates from your roof. You want to have a professional roof cleaner remove algae and moss before the granules are gone in your asphalt shingles. Once you can see the interior fiberglass mat of the shingle your roof will soon need to be replaced.

Algae and moss growth is also unsightly and can make your home look dowdy and dingy. Both can be safely removed by a professional low pressure wash roof cleaner.

It is never a good idea to use chlorine bleach to clean your roof because it can remove the natural color from your roofing and will also kill vegetation as it’s rinsed from the roof. 

Roof cleaning is dangerous and should always be done by a trained roof cleaning expert such as ROOF REAL CLEAN. Algae and moss become slippery when wet and you can easily fall off your roof. Low pressure wash roof cleaning requires skill, safety standards, expertise and specific tools and equipment. 

Call ROOF REAL CLEAN today at 703-973-1619 for a FREE roof cleaning quote. We get the job done right!

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!!!

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