Gone are the Days of Splash & Dash Roof Cleaning – Northern Virginia

The new “wave of the future” is low pressure wash roof cleaning like how the professionals do it at ROOF REAL CLEAN.  

Splash & Dashers

Roofs used to be cleaned by the back yard part timer, with a truck, a spray painted shingle, black and white typed self printed handout flier, a pressure cleaner from your local wholesale club and some household Clorox. Unfortunately, countless roofs across the country have been damaged by unskilled and unqualified ‘splash and dashers!’

No High Pressure Washing

Improper training, the wrong tools and unnecessary high damaging pressures spells disaster and can do irreparable damage to your roof. High pressure may remove stains, but it also removes the top layer of important roof silica that provides the roof with ultraviolet protection and longevity.

Once these important granules are removed by damaging high pressure water and harsh chemicals, they can no longer protect or bind your roofing together. Overtime, this can lead to roof leaks, water damage or both!

Maintaining The Integrity of Asphalt Roof Shingles

Cleaning asphalt shingles of unsightly algae moss, lichen colonies, pine straw residue, streaks and stains without damaging the shingles takes proper training. At REAL ROOF CLEAN, we clean your roof while maintaining the integrity of our shingles.  We use safe work practices, have the skill and knowledge to do the job right and we pay attention to detail.

ROOF REAL CLEAN has the right equipment for safely applying the cleaning agent we use to the effected roof surface. We never use damaging high pressure that is so common with high pressure cleaning equipment and machinery. The low pressure method of roof cleaning is safe and effective for cleaning and maintaining asphalt shingle roofs. It is the only way to insure the WEATHEPROOF integrity of your roof.

For a FREE roof cleaning estimate, give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at 703-973-1619. We get the job done right!

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!!!”

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