Northern Virginia Roof Cleaning – How Long will a Roof Stay Algae Free?

One of the questions we are often asked by customers is how long will their roof stay algae and fungus free after a professional roof cleaning. There are actually several factors that determine how long a roof will remain clean of unsightly algae and fungus growth.

algae free

Algae and fungus must have three nutrients to grow which include:

  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Organic matter

Moisture Increases Roof Algae and Fungus Growth

Rain and moisture, even morning dew, can increase roof algae and fungus growth. The professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN have found that it can be as little as 12 to 16 months for algae and fungus spores to germinate, providing that debris such as leaves, etc. are not allowed to remain on the surface. Increased periods of rain can also have an effect on increased roof algae and fungus growth.

Hotter Weather Promotes Roof Algae and Fungus Growth

Another factor that can contribute to increased roof algae and fungus growth is hotter weather conditions, which increase attic temperatures. Increased surface temperatures create moisture when the sun goes down, which promotes fungus and algae growth.  Roofs in sub-tropical climates will also show signs of fungus and algae growth much quicker than roofs in northern climates.

Quality of Roofing Material

Quality of roofing material can also affect roof algae and fungus growth. Typically, A roof that is 15 – 25 years old will show signs of algae and fungus growth quicker than a 30 or 40 year old roof due to:

  • Thickness of the material used
  • Amount of copper granules applied
  • Amount of ceramic granules applied

Why You need to Hire a Roof Cleaning Professional

The professionals at ROOF REAL CEAN never use high pressure, which can damage your roof. We use a lower pressure rinse along with bio-degradable and eco-friendly roof cleaning products that clean algae, fungus, black stains and streaks off your roof.  All of our products are safe for pets and won’t harm the vegetation around your home.

Northern Virginia Roof Cleaning Services

ROOF REAL CLEAN offers low pressure wash roof cleaning services in the following Northern Virginia cities:

  • Fairfax, VA roof cleaning services
  • Fairfax Station, VA roof cleaning services
  • Falls Church, VA roof cleaning services
  • Springfield, VA roof cleaning services 
  • Annandale , VA roof cleaning services
  • Oakton, VA roof cleaning services
  • Mclean, VA roof cleaning services
  • Vienna, VA roof cleaning services
  • Centreville, VA roof cleaning services
  • Burke, VA roof cleaning services
  • Clifton, VA roof cleaning services
  • Arlington, VA roof cleaning services
  • Alexandria, VA roof cleaning services

ROOF REAL CLEAN offers a ‘one year warranty’ on all roofs we clean as well as a ‘roof maintenance program.’

For more information or for a FREE roof cleaning quote, please give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at (703) 973-1619 – Ask for “Mauricio.”

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

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