Roof Cleaning Fairfax Virginia

Roof half cleanIt is important to clean your roof  because it prevents premature aging and will save you from having to buy a new roof prematurely. When you compare the relatively low cost of roof cleaning with the thousands of dollars you would shell out for a new roof, it only makes sense to maintain your roof.

Hire a Low Pressure Wash Roof Cleaning Expert

There is a lot more to roof cleaning than most people realize. Just because someone has a power washer and shingle on their truck that says “Pressure Washing,” it doesn’t mean they are a “roof cleaning expert.”

You need to hire a legitimate low pressure wash roof cleaning professional like ROOF REAL CLEAN. They have the skill, training, equipment and knowledge to do the job right, without damaging your shingles. ROOF REAL CLEAN is also insured, unlike many of the part time ‘splash and dashers’ that really don’t have a clue how to clean a roof the right way.

ROOF REAL CLEAN offers a safe alternative to traditional high pressure washing services. They use only eco-friendly bio-degradable roof cleaning products that won’t break down the natural components of your shingles or damage neighboring vegetation around your home.

ROOF REAL CLEAN has become the ‘go-to roof cleaning experts’ when it comes to low pressure wash roof cleaning in the surrounding Fairfax, Virginia area.

Force & High Pressure are Unnecessary

Force and high pressure is totally unnecessary when it comes to cleaning the unsightly black streaks, stains, algae and lichen colonies off your roof. The job can be done more effectively with a low pressure wash and the right cleaning agents that ‘safely’ get the job done without damaging your roof.

The low pressure approach to roof cleaning will bring your dirty dingy roof back to its original luster. ROOF REAL CLEAN uses a non-invasive cleaning method that doesn’t interfere with the integrity of your shingles.

Our roof cleaning service will keep your roof streak and stain free. We also offer a one year warranty of any roofs we clean!  For a FREE roof cleaning estimate in the Fairfax, Virginia area, give the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at 703-973-1619. We get the job done right!

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!!

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Gone are the Days of Splash & Dash Roof Cleaning – Northern Virginia

The new “wave of the future” is low pressure wash roof cleaning like how the professionals do it at ROOF REAL CLEAN.  

Splash & Dashers

Roofs used to be cleaned by the back yard part timer, with a truck, a spray painted shingle, black and white typed self printed handout flier, a pressure cleaner from your local wholesale club and some household Clorox. Unfortunately, countless roofs across the country have been damaged by unskilled and unqualified ‘splash and dashers!’

No High Pressure Washing

Improper training, the wrong tools and unnecessary high damaging pressures spells disaster and can do irreparable damage to your roof. High pressure may remove stains, but it also removes the top layer of important roof silica that provides the roof with ultraviolet protection and longevity.

Once these important granules are removed by damaging high pressure water and harsh chemicals, they can no longer protect or bind your roofing together. Overtime, this can lead to roof leaks, water damage or both!

Maintaining The Integrity of Asphalt Roof Shingles

Cleaning asphalt shingles of unsightly algae moss, lichen colonies, pine straw residue, streaks and stains without damaging the shingles takes proper training. At REAL ROOF CLEAN, we clean your roof while maintaining the integrity of our shingles.  We use safe work practices, have the skill and knowledge to do the job right and we pay attention to detail.

ROOF REAL CLEAN has the right equipment for safely applying the cleaning agent we use to the effected roof surface. We never use damaging high pressure that is so common with high pressure cleaning equipment and machinery. The low pressure method of roof cleaning is safe and effective for cleaning and maintaining asphalt shingle roofs. It is the only way to insure the WEATHEPROOF integrity of your roof.

For a FREE roof cleaning estimate, give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at 703-973-1619. We get the job done right!

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!!!”

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More Good Reasons to Clean Your Roof

100_1294There are many reasons why you you should maintain your roof, which includes having it professionally cleaned by a roof cleaning expert such as ROOF REAL CLEAN.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

To start with, those black streaks are soaking up UV rays, which heat up your attic. You then have to run your AC longer which costs you more money.

Extend the Life of Your Shingles

We’re not talking about making a 30 year shingle roof last 35 years. We are talking about making it last 30 years instead of 20 or less. Fiberglass shingles, which is the most common type of roofing shingles, have been made with limestone as a filler (in the asphalt). These shingles hold moisture and organic “Algae Food” material longer than the older paper/asphalt/ceramic shingles of 20 plus years ago.

Algae happens to love the limestone in these shingles and once the algae becomes noticeable, the stains will only get worse as each year passes. Most roof experts agree that algae is harmful to your roof when it is left untreated. The growth holds moisture within the shingles, which can cause rotting, granule loss and premature aging. Removing algae from your roof with a with a low pressure wash roof cleaning is possible and affordable.

Give Your House More Curb Appeal

If you are you preparing to sell your home, make sure the exterior of your home is as clean as the interior, otherwise you can lose a buyer in the first three minutes of them pulling up to your home. They may not even get out of the car to see the fabulous interior if the exterior lacks curb appeal. If the roof is dirty and dingy, the buyer will assume it needs replacement and won’t want the additional expense or at the very least, will lower their offer on the house. 

The truth is that roofs don’t need to be replaced because they are dirty. All they need is a little stain removal and they will look like new again. So, don’t leave money on the table or lose a potential buyer because of a dirty roof. Be smart and get your roof cleaned by the professionals at  ROOF REAL CLEAN.

Your neighbors will be pleased with how clean your roof looks and your pride of home-ownership will show. For a FREE roof cleaning estimate, give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at 703-973-1619. We get the job done right!

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!!!”

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Why You Need To Clean Your Roof

Roof half cleanYou need to keep your roof clear of the buildup of algae, moss, lichen colonies, fungus, leaves and pine straw that occurs over time with seasonal changes. This kind of buildup occurs naturally on the surface of asphalt shingle roofs. 

Buildup of Algae, Moss, lichen colonies, Fungus, pine straw can shorten the life span of your asphalt shingles as well as other forms of roofing materials. The granules that hold important UV protectors and silica that help to create binding agents are attacked and weakened over time by the root systems of invasive forms of miniature plant life and other factors.

Most of the streaking and staining homeowners see on shingle roofs are caused by algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, which is a roof eating plant life. It will continue to eat, breed and reproduce until you get rid of it.

What Causes Blackened Roofs?

Blackened roofs are actually the residual buildup of carcasses that have formed, which leaves black conical streaks on the “wet side of the roof.” The “WET” part of most roofs is the area that receives the least amount of sun and is typically shaded for most of the day. Shaded or “wet” areas hold moisture and other debris on the roof surfaces. Limestone fertilized roofing along with additional roof debris, such as leaves and or pine straw are usually the first areas of a roof affected by roof algae.

Lime is Algae’s Snack Food

Modern roofing materials that have come about in the last 20 years have made roof algae a major problem. The main culprit of the problem is the snack food of lime. Roofing manufacturers started adding crushed limestone as a filler to extend the manufacturing process of petroleum based roofing materials. 

Algae Infestation

When Gloeocapsa Magma algae finds its way onto a roof in a neighborhood it will start to feed and reproduce. It is an airborne spore and can easily roof jump and spread to other roofs and before you know it, the entire neighborhood is infested. ROOF REAL CLEAN specializes in cleaning algae of roofs.

The professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN use a safe low pressure wash roof cleaning system to ensure that your roof’s manufacturer’s warranty is not voided. When we are finished cleaning your roof, the difference is remarkable! Any algae, moss, lichen colonies and other debris will be gone and your roof will look like new again!

For a free roof cleaning estimate, give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at 703-973-1619. We get the job done right! 

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority!!”

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Roof Cleaning- Curb Appeal

Roof curb appealHow much curb appeal does your home have?

How your home looks on the outside is just as important as how it looks on the inside, especially if you are looking to sell your home.  When put your house on the market and are competing with all the other houses on the market, you need the advantage of “curb appeal.”   

The truth is that you probably won’t even be able to get potential buyers in the front door if all they see is unsightly stains and streaks caused by the algae growing on your roof. A home with curb appeal is a home with a clean roof, which will not only attract potential buyers, but will probably bring in a higher bid than an identical home with a dirty roof right down the street.  

A Clean Roof and Clean Home Exterior Equals Curb Appeal

Curb appeal includes well maintained landscaping and a clean well-maintained exterior. And since the roof just happens to be one of the largest expenses to replace, a dingy dirty looking roof becomes a glaring red flag to potential buyers.

If you have vinyl siding that has a yellowish tinge to it or dusty looking mildew growing on it with dark spotting, you need to get it cleaned by a qualified low pressure wash roof cleaning professional.  The same goes for your deck and fencing. Depending on the wood and the weather, your deck and fencing may also have algae growing on it and need a low pressure washing.

Cleaning Your roof and the exterior of your home with a low pressure wash will help sell your home quicker, unless your dirty roof and the unsightly exterior of your home attracts bargain shoppers who are looking for a fixer-upper and you are willing to take a lower bid.

Why not get top dollar for your Northern Virginia home by making it shine on the outside like it shines on the inside. Hire the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN to low pressure wash your roof and any other part of the exterior of your home that needs cleaning.
ROOF REAL CLEAN is fully insured and uses only eco-friendly bio-degradable products that won’t harm the vegetation around your home and that are safe for your pets.

For more information or a free roof cleaning evaluation, please give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at 703-973-1619.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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Roof Cleaning – Removing Black Stains and Algae

Summer is here, another year has gone by and you are still looking at the same rapidly growing algae on your Virginia roof, only now its worse!   Isn’t it about time you call in the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN!

Let another year pass and you may have to call in a roof replacement company, which will cost you a lot more than what a professional roof cleaning would cost you. Your roof happens to be an extremely important feature of your home, so let the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN do the job right!

Safety First

Roof Cleaning is considered an “extremely hazardous occupation” and the roof cleaning professionals you hire should always work in teams of at least two or more. There should always be one on the ground at all times to monitor safety, to watch for other people, protect surrounding plants and shrubs and other non-target areas. The ground person is there in case the roof cleaner falls so that immediate assistance can be provided.

Why Roofs Turn Black

Many folks believe that a discolored roof is the result of age and deterioration that requires replacement, which is usually not the case. Discoloration is caused by air-borne fungus known as Gloeocapsa Magma.  These dark stains and streaks are most noticeable on lighter colored roofs, but can be found on most all roofs. Gloeocapsa Magma feeds on humidity, heat and the limestone of your roof shingles as well as nutrients from pollutants, fallen leaves and other airborne organics.

Roof Fungus is a Problem

Roofs that have a substantial amount of algae and fungus growing on them can absorb up to 30% more heat, which can lead to deterioration and higher electric costs.  An Algae and fungus covered roof is not only unsightly, it can pose health concerns for people who are allergic.

The Solution

Fortunately, fungus, algae, moss and lichen colonies can be eliminated with and low pressure environmentally safe roof cleaning compounds without damaging the integrity of the shingle. The process is relatively inexpensive and can add years to the life of your Virginia roof

ROOF REAL CLEAN will also treat your roof with an algae resistance solution to help control any regrowth of algae. For more information or to request a professional Roof Cleaning - Treatment evaluation please call the professionals at ROOOF REAL CLEAN at 703-973-1619

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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Roof Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use to remove roof stains?

 REAL ROOF CLEAN uses The Roof Shampoo™ product line that is proprietary and only available to trained, certified and authorized dealers. All of our products are eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable. 

Will the cleaning products you use harm my pets or the surrounding vegetation around my house?

 No. Our products will not harm plants, pets or surfaces around your home.

Do you use high pressure power washing on the roof?

We do not recommend it because high pressure roof washing can be very damaging to roof shingles.  We use only a safe low pressure wash that effectively gets rid of moss, algae, lichen colonies, streaks and stains from you roof. 

How long will my roof stay clean of algae related stains once you have removed them? 

When the trained professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN are finished cleaning your roof, it will be clean of algae related stains and look good as new.  We also give a one year guarentee for any roof stains that may reappear within that period.

What can I do to keep the stains off my roof for the life of the shingles?

ROOF REAL CLEAN offers an annual roof maintenance program for our customers.  At your request, we will return once a year to maintain your clean roof for a fraction of the cost of the initial roof cleaning.  We will also apply a special leave on stain prevention treatment to previously cleaned areas. 

There are many do-it-yourself roof cleaning products on the market. Do they work?

We recommend that you stay away from those products altogether. Many of them are toxic to pets and the vegetation surrounding your home.  Roof cleaning can also be dangerous and if you are not experienced, you can easily slip and fall. It’s best to call in a professional roof cleaner and get the job done right!

Do zinc strips work?

If there’s algae growing on your roof, zinc strips are useless and will not remove it. 

Can I use bleach to clean the stains off my shingles?

We don’t recommend using bleach on shingles. Many homeowners try to use pool chlorine or bleach to remove stains and streaks form their roof caused my algae. Bleach and chlorine can damage and even kill surrounding vegetation as well as dry out your shingles. The stains that come off are short lived and will probably come back within a few months.  

What if I just leave the algae stains on the roof?

Algae is a living organism and will continue to grow on your roof until it is treated. Eventually, your entire roof will be covered in algae, which feeds off the organic components in your shingles. Left untreated, you will end up replacing your roof prematurely. Having your roof professionally cleaned will cost you a fraction of what it will cost to replace your roof.  

Why should I choose ROOF REAL CLEAN over some other local contractor?

We have cleaned hundreds of roofs with The Roof Shampoo™ and have many satisfied customers to prove it becase our products are safe and effective. At ROOF REAL CLEAN we put safety first and use only proven methods for getting the job done right!  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and get many new referrals from our happy customers.

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Hiring the Right Roof Cleaning Professional

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

Protecting Your Investment

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

Typically, your home is your biggest financial asset and your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your investment. So, before you put the care of your roof into the hands of ‘Joe roof cleaner,’ make sure the person you hire is qualified to do the job right.

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

We get the ‘Green out’ with Green Products

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

At ROOF REAL CLEAN all of our products are eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable,  specifically formulated for roof cleaning and will not harm pets or surrounding plants. They are also powerful enough to remove algae, moss, lichen colonies , unsightly streaks and stains without the need of high-pressure washing, which can actually damage your roof.

We are confident in the effectiveness of our products and offer a one year warranty against any algae, moss or lichen colonies that reappear on your roof. So far, our track record is perfect!

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

Proper Roof Maintenance Includes Cleaning

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

At ROOF REAL CLEAN, we don’t recommend high pressure roof washing  because it can break down the organic components of your shingles which shortens their lifespan and voids your warranty. With proper roof maintenance and cleaning, you should never have to replace your roof prematurely.

Low pressure wash roof cleaning is a completely different animal than high pressure roof washing and requires a different set of skills, safety standards, expertise, tools, equipment and insurance. You can be sure that at ROOF REAL CLEAN, we have it all!

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

Don’t Replace Your Dingy Dirty Roof, Clean It!

Replacing your dingy and dirty roof can cost up to 10 times more than having your roof professionally cleaned.  So, you actually save money when you clean your roof!  Call ROOF REAL CLEAN today at 703-973-1619 for a FREE roof cleaning quote.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction!

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Roof Cleaning Removing Lichen Colonies

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

What are Lichen Colonies?

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

Lichens colonies area type of fungus that grows with algae on roof shingles, forming a composite organism with crust-like growth. Lichens can penetrate deep into shingles and feed off of their organic oil base for nourishment. If the problem is not addressed, eventually lichen colonies will break down the organic components of your shingles and create dark spots or pock marks where they are  feeding.

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

How to Get Rid of Actively Growing Lichen Colonies

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

It’s important to have algae, moss and lichen colonies removed by a roof cleaning professional to prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of your shingles.

Roof Real Clean

Roof Real Clean

At ROOF REAL CLEAN, our eco-friendly low pressure wash roof cleaning system will safely remove the algae, moss and lichen colonies growing on your roof without harming your plants or pets.

Give the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today for a FREE roof cleaning estimate at 703-973-1619.

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Remove Algae and Moss Stains Increase Curb Appeal

Ugly Algae and Moss Stains on Your Roof?  Need a little More Curb Appeal?

Your home will look dingy and weathered with dark stains of  algae, moss and lichen colonies actively growing on your roof.  Overtime, what’s growing will start to breakdown the organic components of your shingles and the rain that washes down from your roof will cause unsightly stains to your brick, gutters and any areas that are painted. 


Clean & Green Low Pressure Wash

The use of high pressure can cause a lot of damage to your roof.  ROOF REAL CLEAN uses a low pressure roof cleaning process that removes whatever is growing on your roof with a non-harmful chemical and it not only removes unsightly stains, it keeps them off! 

We use The Roof Shampoo™ roof cleaning system and have found it to be the most effective way to get rid of the unsightly dark streaks and stains. 

All of the low pressure roof cleaning products we use are chlorine free and are designed specifically for cleaning shingle, asphalt and tile roofs. They are also 100% biodegradable and will not harm your grass, plants, or pets.

Before Roof Real Clean

Before Roof Real Clean

After Roof Real Clean

After Roof Real Clean

Extend the Life of Your Roof

All new roofs eventually stain. Within 5 -7 years they can start to look pretty dingy and worn out, which can definitely bring down the look of your home. 

However, there’s no need to re-roof or spend thousands of dollars to replace your dirty and worn looking shingles when all they really need is to be cleaned. By keeping your roof algae and moss free, you will extend the life of your shingles and in 10 years your roof will still be looking new.  

Let one of our professional roof cleaning experts at ROOF REAL CLEAN get your roof looking new again today! 

Whether you are a residential homeowner and want to give your home a face lift, looking to sell your home and need a bit more curb appeal, commercial property owner or a property management company, no roof cleaning job is too big or too small for the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN.  

We have been in the low pressure roof cleaning business for many years and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction!

Let ROOF REAL CLEAN  remove those ugly stains from your roof today. For a FREE roof cleaning quote, please call us at 703-973-1619.

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