Roof Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use to remove roof stains?

 REAL ROOF CLEAN uses The Roof Shampoo™ product line that is proprietary and only available to trained, certified and authorized dealers. All of our products are eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable. 

Will the cleaning products you use harm my pets or the surrounding vegetation around my house?

 No. Our products will not harm plants, pets or surfaces around your home.

Do you use high pressure power washing on the roof?

We do not recommend it because high pressure roof washing can be very damaging to roof shingles.  We use only a safe low pressure wash that effectively gets rid of moss, algae, lichen colonies, streaks and stains from you roof. 

How long will my roof stay clean of algae related stains once you have removed them? 

When the trained professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN are finished cleaning your roof, it will be clean of algae related stains and look good as new.  We also give a one year guarentee for any roof stains that may reappear within that period.

What can I do to keep the stains off my roof for the life of the shingles?

ROOF REAL CLEAN offers an annual roof maintenance program for our customers.  At your request, we will return once a year to maintain your clean roof for a fraction of the cost of the initial roof cleaning.  We will also apply a special leave on stain prevention treatment to previously cleaned areas. 

There are many do-it-yourself roof cleaning products on the market. Do they work?

We recommend that you stay away from those products altogether. Many of them are toxic to pets and the vegetation surrounding your home.  Roof cleaning can also be dangerous and if you are not experienced, you can easily slip and fall. It’s best to call in a professional roof cleaner and get the job done right!

Do zinc strips work?

If there’s algae growing on your roof, zinc strips are useless and will not remove it. 

Can I use bleach to clean the stains off my shingles?

We don’t recommend using bleach on shingles. Many homeowners try to use pool chlorine or bleach to remove stains and streaks form their roof caused my algae. Bleach and chlorine can damage and even kill surrounding vegetation as well as dry out your shingles. The stains that come off are short lived and will probably come back within a few months.  

What if I just leave the algae stains on the roof?

Algae is a living organism and will continue to grow on your roof until it is treated. Eventually, your entire roof will be covered in algae, which feeds off the organic components in your shingles. Left untreated, you will end up replacing your roof prematurely. Having your roof professionally cleaned will cost you a fraction of what it will cost to replace your roof.  

Why should I choose ROOF REAL CLEAN over some other local contractor?

We have cleaned hundreds of roofs with The Roof Shampoo™ and have many satisfied customers to prove it becase our products are safe and effective. At ROOF REAL CLEAN we put safety first and use only proven methods for getting the job done right!  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and get many new referrals from our happy customers.

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