Roof Cleaning – Removing Black Stains and Algae

Summer is here, another year has gone by and you are still looking at the same rapidly growing algae on your Virginia roof, only now its worse!   Isn’t it about time you call in the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN!

Let another year pass and you may have to call in a roof replacement company, which will cost you a lot more than what a professional roof cleaning would cost you. Your roof happens to be an extremely important feature of your home, so let the professionals at ROOF REAL CLEAN do the job right!

Safety First

Roof Cleaning is considered an “extremely hazardous occupation” and the roof cleaning professionals you hire should always work in teams of at least two or more. There should always be one on the ground at all times to monitor safety, to watch for other people, protect surrounding plants and shrubs and other non-target areas. The ground person is there in case the roof cleaner falls so that immediate assistance can be provided.

Why Roofs Turn Black

Many folks believe that a discolored roof is the result of age and deterioration that requires replacement, which is usually not the case. Discoloration is caused by air-borne fungus known as Gloeocapsa Magma.  These dark stains and streaks are most noticeable on lighter colored roofs, but can be found on most all roofs. Gloeocapsa Magma feeds on humidity, heat and the limestone of your roof shingles as well as nutrients from pollutants, fallen leaves and other airborne organics.

Roof Fungus is a Problem

Roofs that have a substantial amount of algae and fungus growing on them can absorb up to 30% more heat, which can lead to deterioration and higher electric costs.  An Algae and fungus covered roof is not only unsightly, it can pose health concerns for people who are allergic.

The Solution

Fortunately, fungus, algae, moss and lichen colonies can be eliminated with and low pressure environmentally safe roof cleaning compounds without damaging the integrity of the shingle. The process is relatively inexpensive and can add years to the life of your Virginia roof

ROOF REAL CLEAN will also treat your roof with an algae resistance solution to help control any regrowth of algae. For more information or to request a professional Roof Cleaning - Treatment evaluation please call the professionals at ROOOF REAL CLEAN at 703-973-1619

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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