The Truth About Black Streaks & Stains on Your Roof

black streaks and StainsAt ROOF REAL CLEAN, we have heard a wide variety of explanations for roof black streaks and stains, including  ”chimney smoke settling,” “cracked acorns,” “tree sap,” “shingle weathering” and so on. One “creative” roofer even told a homeowner who lived near an airport that the black streaks and stains  on her roof were the result of “fuel dropping from the sky.” None of these answers are true. Most roofs in need of a roof cleaning have roof algae growing on them. Black streaking is caused by ’living algae’ known as Gloeocapsa Magma.

Roof staining is a relatively new occurrence. Cutting back your tree or discontinuing the use of your fireplace will not prevent roof black streaks & Stains or correct an existing problem.  Algae spores are air-borne and are carried by the wind from house to house.  Algae grows in visible colonies when all the right elements are present, including:

  • Limestone (Algae food)
  • Humidity (Moisture)
  • Sunlight

Why Some Roofs Have Roof Algae Growth and Others Don’t

The reason that some roofs have roof algae growth in the same neighborhood and some don’t is mainly due to the amount of sunlight hitting the roof. If a roof gets a lot of sun, the colonies burn up. It a roof gets minimum sunlight the colonies are unable to grow. Even the same roof can have some parts with roof algae growth and other parts with no growth at all.

Roof Moss is Dangerous to Your Roof

Roof moss is more dangerous as it will grow beneath the roof shingle, acting like a sponge after a good rain. If  roof moss is not removed by a professional roof cleaner, eventually it can break down the shingle and cause roof leaks.   Roof moss tends to build up on the North side of a home or where a roof is shaded for most of the day.

Why You Need To a Professional Roof Cleaner

It is important that you have a roof cleaning professional remove roof moss or roof algae if you see it growing on your shingles. Roof algae and roof moss feed on the organic matter contained in your shingle.  The growth will break down the asphalt shingle causing the ceramic granules protecting the surface of the shingle to loosen and  fall off, which causes the shingle to deteriorate prematurely.

If not treated, roof moss and roof algae growth will reduce the life of your roof, not to mention how unsightly roof streaks and stains  diminish your home’s ‘curb appeal.’

Cleaning Your Roof the Right Way

We are trained professionals at Roof Real Clean. We never use high pressure on your roof because it can damage your shingles. We clean your roof with  low pressure rinse along with a bio-degradable and eco-friendly roof shampoo. Our roof cleaning products are gentle on your roof, yet tough on removing unsightly streaks, stains, algae and moss.  Don’t make the same mistake many homeowners make and have your roof pressure washed by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

ROOF REAL CLEAN will never:

  • Use high pressure to clean your roof
  • Force water under the shingle
  • Scrub the roof with a harsh brush
  • Dump bleach over the shingles

Northern Virginia Roof Cleaning

ROOF REAL CLEAN offers low pressure wash roof cleaning services in the following Northern Virginia Fairfax County cities:

  • Fairfax, VA roof cleaning services
  • Fairfax Station, VA roof cleaning services
  • Falls Church, VA roof cleaning services
  • Springfield, VA roof cleaning services 
  • Annandale , VA roof cleaning services
  • Oakton, VA roof cleaning services
  • Mclean, VA roof cleaning services
  • Vienna, VA roof cleaning services
  • Centreville, VA roof cleaning services
  • Burke, VA roof cleaning services
  • Clifton, VA roof cleaning services
  • Arlington, VA roof cleaning services
  • Alexandria, VA roof cleaning services

For a FREE roof cleaning estimate or for more information, please give ROOF REAL CLEAN a call today at (703) 973-1619 . Don’t forget to ask for “Mauricio.”

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!!

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