Unsightly Roof Algae, Fungus & Moss Oy Vey!- Northern Virginia Roof Cleaning

Unsightly algae, fungus and moss can quickly develop on your Northern Virgina roof.  Before you know it, the growth will spread over the entire surface of your shingles.  Algae, fungus and moss spores are airborne, which means that your problem can quickly spread to your neighbor’s roof.  Pretty soon every roof in your neighborhood is infested with algae, fungus and moss.  Not exactly a pretty picture now is it?

Most Northern Virginia  roofs are made of asphalt shingles, which are highly susceptible to algae, fungus and moss growth.  Algae feeds on the limestone filler that is typically used to manufacture the granules in the shingle. The good news is that you can prevent your shingles from turning into an algae, fungus and moss breeding ground by properly maintaining your roof with a professional roof cleaning.

Why Your Roof Turns Black

Algae and fungus growth on your roof will appear as unsightly black streaks and stains. These spores spread into ugly black patches due to heat, moisture and the nutrients they feed on in the asphalt shingle itself.  As the roof gets wetter, it remains wet due to the cover of algae and fungus. It continues to spread creating the perfect environment for rot and decomposition, which can obviously cause tremendous damage to your roof.

Professional Roof Cleaning verses Replacing Your Roof Prematurely

More often than not, people replace their Northern Virginia roofs prematurely due to ugly streaks and stains.  Unfortunately, statistics show that more than half of all Northern Virgina roofs get replaced prematurely for aesthetic reasons when all they really needed was a professional roof cleaning from a Northern Virginia roof cleaning company like ROOF REAL CLEAN.

Low Pressure Wash Roof Cleaning is a New Industry

The days of damaging roof shingles with high pressure or spending thousands of dollars replacing a roof prematurely are finally over!  The truth is that professional low pressure wash roof cleaning is a relatively new industry that has sprung up only in the past few years.  Before the advent of bio-degradable algae killing roof shampoo, property owners either had their roofs pressure washed, which was damaging to their shingle or they had their roof replaced. Now, with state-of-the-art technology, ugly black streaks and stains can easily be removed by a professional low pressure wash roof cleaning company such as ROOF REAL CLEAN. 

The Right Way to Clean Your Northern Virginia Roof

There is a right way to clean a roof and a wrong way.  At ROOF REAL CLEAN, we NEVER use high pressure to clean a roof which can damage the integrity of the shingle. We use a low-pressure rinse along with a bio-degradable roof shampoo that will safely remove black streaks and stains on your roof. All of the roof cleaning products we use are eco-friendly, safe for your pets and won’t harm the vegetation around your home.

ROOF REAL CLEAN - ”The Premier Roof cleaning Company of Northern Virgina”

We are in the business of making our customers happy and that is why ROOF REAL CLEAN has become Northern Virginia’s ‘premier’ roof cleaning company. We service the following Northern Virginia cities:

  • Fairfax Station, VA roof cleaning
  • Falls Church, VA roof cleaning
  • Annandale , VA roof cleaning
  • Fairfax, VA roof cleaning
  • Falls Church, VA roof cleaning
  • Springfield, VA roof cleaning
  • Oakton, VA roof cleaning
  • Vienna, VA roof cleaning
  • Burke, VA roof cleaning
  • Oakton, VA roof cleaning
  • Centreville, VA roof cleaning
  • Mclean, VA roof cleaning
  • Clifton, VA roof cleaning
  • Alexandria, VA roof cleaning
  • Mclean, VA roof cleaning
  • Arlington, VA roof cleaning

Let the experts at ROOF REAL CLEAN safely remove those ugly streaks and stains from your Northern Virgina roof. For a FREE roof cleaning estimate, please give “Mauricio” a call today at 703-973-1619.

We Pride Ourselves on Customer Satisfaction!!


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